Free Shipping in North America For Orders over $150


Q: What parts of the world do you ship to?
A: We currently ship within North America and the U.K. but in the near future we hope to expand.
Q: How do you receive a 15% discount code as a subscriber?
A: The 15% discount code was offered to the first set of individuals who subscribed to our newsletter in the first 3 weeks of the website being up.
Q: When items sell out, will the same items be restocked?
A: Depending on the seasons, we may restock some items but not all. It often times depends on how popular the item is and if the exact same raw materials are available.
Q: Do you have longer lengths for taller women?
A: Yes, the majority of items will come in two lengths to accommodate taller women.
Q: Why do shipping rates fluctuate throughout Canada.
A: Shipping rates fluctuate in Canada because the farther we have to ship the more expensive the shipping rates are.
**The FAQ's will updated as we receive more questions**